Would you like to know God personally?

When asked this question most people answer, “Yes!” However, different people and different religions suggest all kinds of ways for us to achieve that goal. In fact many argue that any which way you like will work just fine. Suspend your honest prejudices for a moment as we consider the question:

Can we approach God any way we want?

Two alternatives:

  • When we approach a city we may do so from any direction. We can arrive by car from the North, by bus from the South, by train from the East or on foot from the West. (We could even parachute in from above or tunnel in from below and still arrive at the same destination). So a city may be approached in many different ways, from many different angles.
  • However, this is not true of a person. If I want to become your friend I have to do so on your terms or not at all. I can try to approach you in many different ways but you can choose whether to receive me, ignore me or even to hide from me when you see me coming. Because you are a person you will always have the option of saying “No!”

So to answer the question: “Can we approach God any way we want?” The logical answer is only if He is a city. On the other hand if He is a person then we can only successfully approach Him on His terms.

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