Our Values

The Gospel is the Good News about a Great Dad



Embracing the truth is the pathway to freedom and life, particularly the truth expressed in the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ. Recognizing this, we seek to embrace the truth even when it is not popular or convenient. We strive to accept reality rather than pretend things are the way we want them to be.


Sooner or later, everyone goes through tough times; we’ve experienced them at Destiny too. The loss of a loved one, a difficult marriage, being laid off – some burdens are just too heavy to carry on your own. With compassion, we come alongside each other to offer help, support and prayer.



Our relationships with God, our families and friends are gifts that we treasure deeply. They are more important to us than money, fame or success and form the foundation of our lives and all our ministries.


Since we are all made in God’s image, every person has incredible potential. Each one of us has gifts and abilities that need to be identified, encouraged and developed. Empowerment means we invest in each other, building up instead of tearing down, helping all of us become the people that God has designed us to be.



As we awaken to who God is and what He has done for us, worship is the only reasonable response. It is extremely important to us and is at the heart of all we do. Our goal is to make every aspect of our lives an act of worship to God.

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