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Faith and Doubt

Sometimes people will tell you that your whole Christian life hinges on your personal faith. It doesn’t. It hinges on God’s faithfulness toward you!

Luke 1 Zechariah's promise had almost no risk attached to it. The worst thing that could happen to him was disappointment. He could look back into the Old Testament and see that God had performed the same miracle several times already. And he was a priest!

V58-64 If God is disciplining you, then your obedience can shorten the process.
V65-80 No longer was Zechariah unbelieving. Now he had enough faith to prophesy.
Rom 12:6
Zechariah’s unbelief did not result in a promise withdrawn but appropriate discipline. He spoke in unbelief so he couldn't speak at all. God knew Zechariah’s unbelief was not the habitual kind that comes from a hardened heart like that of the Israelites in the wilderness. Zechariah’s heart was for the Lord.

Rom 4:18-21, Acts 13:36
God is a God of grace. He will be faithful to fulfill His promises to you at the right time.

Services Sunday at 10:30 AM
At Monona Community Center
1011 Nichols Rd.
Monona, WI 53716

What to Expect


There's no need to dress up to come to Destiny. You will be welcomed just as you are!


Experience passionate worship to contemporary music with a few hymns thrown in for good measure.

Family Friendly

Families are important to us. Children's ministry is available every Sunday during the message for children from nursery through Middle School, and every other week for High School students.

A typical service

A typical service lasts 90 minutes. Contemporary worship is followed by announcements of upcoming events and a stimulating message from the Bible. Personal prayer is available after the service and we encourage you to stick around and get to know us over coffee and treats before heading home.

Our Pastor

Pete Scheller has been the lead pastor of Destiny Christian Fellowship since its beginning in 2001. He has been in ministry since 1991 and is an ordained Vineyard pastor. Before coming to Madison, Pete served as an Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor and on staff with Youth With A Mission. He studied at Grace Training Center in Kansas City. Pete and his wife Alison are originally from England and have four children.

Email: Pastor Pete
Phone: (608) 241-7189

Core Values


Embracing the truth is the pathway to freedom and life, particularly the truth expressed in the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ. Recognizing this, we seek to embrace the truth even when it is not popular or convenient. We strive to accept reality rather than pretend things are the way we want them to be.


Sooner or later, everyone goes through tough times; we've experienced them at Destiny too. The loss of a loved one, a difficult marriage, being laid off - some burdens are just too heavy to carry on your own. With compassion, we come alongside each other to offer help, support and prayer.


Our relationships with God, our families and friends are gifts that we treasure deeply. They are more important to us than money, fame or success and form the foundation of our lives and all our ministries.


Since we are all made in God's image, every person has incredible potential. Each one of us has gifts and abilities that need to be identified, encouraged and developed. Empowerment means we invest in each other, building up instead of tearing down, helping all of us become the people that God has designed us to be.


As we awaken to who God is and what He has done for us, worship is the only reasonable response. It is extremely important to us and is at the heart of all we do. Our goal is to make every aspect of our lives an act of worship to God.



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The Mystery

Would you like to know God personally?

When asked this question most people answer, "Yes!" However, different people and different religions suggest all kinds of ways for us to achieve that goal. In fact many argue that any which way you like will work just fine. Suspend your honest prejudices for a moment as we consider the question:

Can we approach God any way we want?

Two alternatives:

  • When we approach a city we may do so from any direction. We can arrive by car from the North, by bus from the South, by train from the East or on foot from the West. (We could even parachute in from above or tunnel in from below and still arrive at the same destination). So a city may be approached in many different ways, from many different angles.
  • However, this is not true of a person. If I want to become your friend I have to do so on your terms or not at all. I can try to approach you in many different ways but you can choose whether to receive me, ignore me or even to hide from me when you see me coming. Because you are a person you will always have the option of saying "No!"

So to answer the question: "Can we approach God any way we want?" The logical answer is only if He is a city. On the other hand if He is a person then we can only successfully approach Him on His terms.

The Bible teaches that God is a person and that He has chosen to make a way to friendship with Him only through the death of Jesus on the cross.

When Jesus voluntarily gave His life in our place, he removed the barrier of our sin, which stops us from being able to begin a relationship with God. Now the way is open for us to approach God by coming to Him through Jesus.

How can we do that?

By saying Sorry, Thank You and Please.

  • I'm Sorry for all the things I have done wrong and I choose now to turn from them.
  • Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me.
  • Please come into my life as my Lord and King.

What's stopping you from making that decision right now?

If you made that choice or just have a question please contact us and let us know. We'd love to help you.


Small Groups

We offer 2 - 3 small groups each year on a variety of different subjects from Apologetics to Manhood or Womanhood to Spiritual Growth. They typically last 4 - 8 weeks and are normally held in Spring and Fall.

Prayer Meetings

We hold prayer meetings twice a month – see the Sunday bulletin for dates and locations.

Personal Prayer Ministry

We offer the opportunity for anyone attending a service to receive personal prayer for healing, comfort or personal needs. We equip members in how to pray for others tactfully and effectively.

Social Events

We are a very relational church and have movie nights, mini-golf outings and other fun events regularly throughout the year.

Child Sponsorship

We sponsor several children through Compassion International providing monthly support and gifts for Birthdays and Christmas.

Greeting and Hospitality

We are a welcoming church and aim to greet everyone with a smile before our services, as well as providing coffee and snacks after the service so we can get to know each other better.


Destiny currently partners with a network of churches in India. We have sent teams, finances and supplies.

Where We Meet

Monona Community Center

Services Sunday at 10:30 AM
1011 Nichols Rd.
Monona WI 53716

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Contact Information


Destiny Christian Fellowship
P.O. Box 8362
Madison WI 53708

Phone / Email

(608) 241-7189